Filastrocca Acqua di Camogli


In the local dialect cõamöa S.r.l. means black tail, small white bird with a dark tail, frequently to be found in flower and vegetable gardens along the coast. A very swift flier, the "blak tail" hops rapidly when on land.
It is also an extremely curious bird.
Curious about life.

cõamöa S.r.l. is a small business established by experts with years of passionate experience studying and creating fragrances and essences. But the key values they share are a love for the fascinating colors, aromas and fragrances of Camogli. One of the most enchanting and characteristic communities of the Ligurian coast.

cõamöa S.r.l. Sede operativa: via al porto 25 int.1 - 16032 - Camogli (Ge) - Italy -
R.E.A. GE 404892 R.I. GE 01376290993Cod. Fiscale e P.IVA 0137629099